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Msgr Pierluigi Giroli, right, reads the speech Pope Francis had prepared for his general audience in St Peter’s Square at the Vatican yesterday (CNS/Lola Gomez)

Pope Francis yesterday used his general audience to focus on the vice of pride, relying on an aide to read his remarks for the second consecutive week. Source: CNA.

“Today’s catechesis will be read by a monsignor,” the Pope said yesterday, “because I still have a cold and can’t read well.”

He has relied on aides to read his public addresses since the Vatican announced he was suffering from “mild flu” symptoms in late February.

The Pope’s catechesis focused on the vice of pride, which the Holy Father argued was the “great queen” of all the vices.

“Those who give in to this vice are far from God, and the correction of this evil requires time and effort, more than any other battle to which the Christian is called.”

Pope Francis related the vice of pride to that of vainglory, the topic of last week’s general audience, cautioning: “If vainglory is a disease of the human self, it is still a childish disease when compared to the havoc pride is capable of.” 

Pride is “evil,” the Pope said, and is of a greater magnitude than vainglory, as it arises from “the absurd claim to be like God”. 

Highlighting the effects of pride in everyday life, the Pope noted it “ruins human relationships” and foments division instead of promoting fraternal solidarity.

At the end of his address, the Holy Father urged the faithful to “take advantage of this Lent to fight against our pride,” adding “salvation comes through humility, the true remedy for every act of pride”. 

Francis himself read the appeal at the end of the address in which he renewed his call for peace in war-torn regions, imploring: “Let us ask the Lord for the gift of peace.”


Pope Francis: ‘Of all vices, pride is the great queen’ (By Matthew Santucci, CNA)