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Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans is encouraging Australians to be responsible “indulgers” when buying or eating chocolate this Easter as part of its Indulge Responsibly Easter campaign. Source: Pathways.

ACRATH said that much of the world’s chocolate, including that sold in Australian shops and supermarkets, is produced using cocoa beans harvested by child labourers, many of whom endure enslavement and poor, sometimes dangerous, working conditions. Most are deprived of an education.

“This Easter and beyond, we ask you to indulge responsibly, select ethically sourced chocolate, and support companies working to eliminate slavery from their supply chains,” ACRATH said on its website.

The Indulge Responsibly campaign asks people to do two things this Easter before buying chocolate.

Firstly, ACRATH is encouraging people to read the Be Slavery Free Chocolate Scorecard, to be released on March 20, and make purchasing and eating decisions based on the listed companies’ behaviour. 

“The scorecard has been used as a resource by an estimated one billion people around the globe,” ACRATH said. ”So, join this massive and well-meaning global community and find out which companies are trying to do the right thing when it comes to chocolate production.”

The second part of the campaign is about eating chocolate that features the Fairtrade or Rainforest Alliance logos. The presence of either of these logos says that this chocolate company has committed resources to ensure the cocoa they source is slavery-free.

For details on the Indulge Responsibly campaign, visit the ACRATH website. 


Consumers urged to ‘Indulge Responsibly’ in anti-slavery chocolate this Easter (CRA Pathways)