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An aerial view of Campion College in Toongabbie, Western Sydney (Supplied)

Campion College, an independent liberal arts college in Western Sydney, is hosting an “intellectual retreat” for adults next month. 

To be held on April 12-14, the retreat will offer adults from Australia and New Zealand a unique opportunity for intellectual enrichment and exploration of the liberal arts, focusing on theology and literature.

Attendees will have the opportunity to delve into the core principles of the liberal arts through a variety of sessions, including guided readings of literary works, panel discussions led by Campion College academics and small-group workshops. 

Additionally, participants will have the chance to attend a keynote address by Stephen Chavura, Senior Lecturer in History at Campion.

“We are thrilled to host our Intellectual Retreat,” Campion College president Paul Morrissey said. “This event represents a unique opportunity for individuals to engage with scholarly materials, connect with like-minded individuals, and expand their intellectual horizons in a supportive and immersive environment.”

For those unable to attend the entire weekend, Campion College offers flexible ticketing options, including a Saturday-only package which includes access to Saturday sessions and the Saturday night keynote dinner, as well as standalone tickets for the keynote dinner.

Details and registrations:


Campion College To Host Intellectual Retreat (Campion College)