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Cardinal Giorgio Marengo (Catholic Mission)

Cardinal Giorgio Marengo IMC, the Apostolic Prefect of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, will visit Australia this month as a guest of Catholic Mission.

“It is our great honour to welcome Cardinal Marengo here in Australia, and to hear about the incredible work missionaries are doing on the ground in Mongolia,” said Fr Brian Lucas, Catholic Mission National Director. 

Being one of the smallest Catholic communities in the world, the Church has established itself in the past 30 years as an essential social services provider in Mongolia.

“One of Cardinal Marengo’s most significant social work in Mongolia is the establishment of the House of Mercy, a haven for many people at the margin of society, a life-giving project open to all,” Fr Lucas said.

During his Apostolic Journey to Mongolia in 2023, Pope Francis blessed the House of Mercy, recognising its importance: 

“The House of Mercy is meant to be the point of reference for a variety of charitable works, hands outstretched towards our brothers and sisters, struggling to navigate life’s problems. A safe haven, in other words, where people can find a listening ear and an understanding heart.”

While in Australia, the Italian-born Cardinal Marengo will discuss his work and the role of the Church in Mongolia. 

He will also participate in a panel discussion about the importance of interfaith dialogue and its application. 

This free event will take place on Friday, June 21, at the Australian Catholic University, North Sydney, at 4:30pm. It will also be available online. 

To book your seat, register here.


Discover Mongolia through the eyes of a missionary with Cardinal Giorgio Marengo (Catholic Mission)