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The Murdoch family (UNDA)

In the more than three decades since the University of Notre Dame Australia opened its doors, few have been part of its fabric quite like the Murdoch family.

“It’s been hard to explain the connection of warmth and familiarity,” said Peter Murdoch, a law student who enrolled on the recommendation of his wife Linda and at one point shared classes with his son, also named Peter.

“And it is not hard to see from whom I get my inspiration – my incredibly humble wife and our amazing son.”

The Murdochs’ remarkable connection to Notre Dame and the School of Law began with Linda, who graduated in 2005 as dux of the Juris Doctor course and the winner of the Deacon’s Prize in Law.

What followed was a brilliant career that saw her rise to senior associate to Chief Justice of Victoria’s Supreme Court Marilyn Warren, a senior leader in Legal Aid Victoria, a director at the Legal Services Board and legal advisor to the WA Legislative Council, among other roles.

Linda was delighted, but not surprised, when both her husband and her son followed in her footsteps and enrolled in a Bachelor of Laws at Notre Dame’s Fremantle campus in 2016.

“They are both well suited to law – dedicated, committed and most of all, decent and honourable people,” Linda said. “And I adore them.”

When his son fell ill, father Peter took some time away from his studies to “be dad, rather than a classmate”, supporting him until he graduated last year with seven law prizes under his belt.

This included The Law Society of Western Australia Prize (First Prize) in Legal Process and Statutory Interpretation for 2016, which he shares with his dad.

The younger Peter was recently admitted as a lawyer and works for philanthropic organisation Minderoo Foundation, where he holds a reputation for kindness, empathy and a willingness to work hard.

“I found studying law to be incredibly enriching and so it’s lovely being able to connect with mum and dad through an additional set of shared experiences and interests,” he said.


Murdoch family three from three at School of Law (UNDA)