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Br Vincent Shekleton (Marist Brother Star of the Sea Province)

The Marist Brothers Star of the Sea Province will tomorrow celebrate the 100th birthday of its oldest living brother, Br Vincent Shekleton. 

Born on June 19, 1924, Br Vincent has not only lived through pivotal global moments such as the Great Depression, WWII, the Cold War, and 9/11 but has also actively helped those in significantly disadvantaged conditions.

Br Vincent served as a teacher in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands immediately after World War II, volunteered in refugee camps in Thailand, and worked in China following the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre. 

He joined the Marists in 1939, at the age of 15. After professing his vows in 1943, Br Vincent’s first assignment was in Lismore, New South Wales, signalling the beginning of more than 80 years of unwavering resilience, dedication, and commitment to the Marist educational mission. 

He is in aged care in the Marist Brothers Community, St Gregory’s College, Campbelltown, in Sydney. 

After Joining the Brotherhood at only 15 and spending 81 years as a Marist Brother, did Br Vincent ever regret his decision?

“Never. Not once. This has been my life, and I have loved it since I have known it,” Br Vincent said.

“I was fortunate to travel to so many countries, meet different people, and experience diverse cultures. What could be more beautiful than this?” 

And his secret to living such a long and joyful life? 

“Love. It really is that simple. Love people, seek out those who need that love, be there and take care of each other. 

“When I look at the news, all I see is anger and pain, and what all those people truly need is love. It’s not complicated at all.”

The Star of the Sea Province said Br Vincent “remains a living testament to the Marist spirit and, as he turns 100, the Star of the Sea family wishes him love, happiness, and health.”


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