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Fr William Brennan (The Catholic Leader)

Townsville’s newest priest, Fr William Brennan, says he has a love for preaching the Word of God. Source: The Catholic Leader.

“I very much feel that God gives me the words to say,” Fr Brennan said. “Preaching is a real opportunity to connect with people and help people come to know God in the Scriptures.

“Being that bridge for people to connect to God – that’s special.”

Townsville Bishop Tim Harris ordained Fr Brennan to the priesthood at Holy Trinity Church, Mundingburra, on June 13. 

“It was fantastic,” Fr Brennan said, “To have the whole diocesan community gathered together and praying for me was very special.”

Bishop Harris said Fr Brennan’s decision to join the seminary and pursue a vocation to the priesthood was counter-cultural.

“I think it’s much more challenging today than when I was ordained a priest in 1992, for example,” Bishop Harris said. 

He said the priest of the 21st Century needed to be a priest on mission.

“The days are gone when the people came to us and filled our Churches,” Bishop Harris said.

“The pasture today requires the priest literally ‘go out’ to find the lost sheep, not by promoting a Church of the past or by denying or refusing to see things as they are. 

“The traditions of the Catholic Church need to speak to the present reality. 

“We need to find a language that the vision of Vatican II has already given us so there is no going back. We can only go forward.”

Fr Brennan will remain in Ingham parish before heading to Mt Isa parish later in the year.


New priest ordained for Townsville (By Joe Higgins, The Catholic Leader)