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South East Asia

Church in Philippines calls on museum to return ‘stolen’ pulpit panels

The Church in the Philippines has demanded the return of “stolen” pulpit panels now on display at the National Museum in Manila. Source: UCA News.

South East Asia

Grandmother killed, 53 injured when church in Philippines collapses

At least one person died and 53 were injured when part of the second floor of a church collapsed during a packed Ash Wednesday Mass in Bulacan province in the Philippines yesterday. Source: UCA News.

Environment South East Asia

Church in the Philippines hold prayer assembly against mining

The Church in the Philippines held a prayer assembly to highlight the adverse impacts of mining on a historic, mineral-rich island in the archipelago. Source: UCA News.

South East Asia

Indonesian bishops ensure Catholics free to vote in election

As Indonesians heads to the polls on February 14, which also happens to be Ash Wednesday this year, the country’s bishops are making special provisions to ensure that the minority Catholic population can vote. Source: Crux.

South East Asia Terrorism

Philippines bombing leads to call for more security at Christian gatherings

Caritas Philippines has called for greater security at Christian gatherings in the wake of a deadly bombing at a Mass in the Catholic-majority nation. Source: UCA News.

South East Asia

Bomb attack on Mass in Philippines kills four

At least four people were killed and dozens wounded in a bomb attack during a Catholic Mass in the insurgency-plagued southern Philippines on Sunday. Source: UCA News.

South East Asia

Korean Catholics run marathon to protect ‘Sunrise Cathedral’

A group of Catholics in South Korea, led by their parish priest, have run a marathon to oppose the construction of high-rise buildings that threaten a historically significant church in Chuncheon Diocese. Source: UCA News.

South East Asia

Church calls for safe return of Papuans displaced by conflict 

Church leaders in Indonesia have called on the Indonesian Government to ensure the safe return of thousands of people displaced by conflict in the Christian-majority Papua region. Source: UCA News.

South East Asia

Sedition acquittal fuels priest’s resolve to seek justice for drug war victims

After being acquitted of sedition charges, a Catholic priest in the Philippines has strengthened his resolve to pursue justice for the victims of killings in the “war on drugs” under the Duterte administration. Source: CBCP News.