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South East Asia

Sedition acquittal fuels priest’s resolve to seek justice for drug war victims

After being acquitted of sedition charges, a Catholic priest in the Philippines has strengthened his resolve to pursue justice for the victims of killings in the “war on drugs” under the Duterte administration. Source: CBCP News.

South East Asia

Priest defends pet blessing at ‘animal wedding’

A Catholic priest in Indonesia and two Catholic women came under a social media backlash after allegedly arranging a “wedding ceremony” for dogs. Source: UCA News.

South East Asia

Indonesian parish finally has a church after 33-year ordeal

Although the constitution of Indonesia guarantees religious freedom, St Bernadette’s Catholic Church in Pinang, which has opened after 33 years of struggle, is a symbol of the frequent gap between theory and practice. Source: Crux.

South East Asia

Indonesian Catholics face sedition charge over ASEAN protest

Police in Indonesia’s Catholic-majority Flores Island summoned four Catholic villagers and local activists and accused them of sedition over a planned protest during the upcoming summit of Southeast Asian leaders. Source: UCA News.

South East Asia

Church slams bid to tighten Japan’s immigration law

Catholic bishops in Japan have collected more than 100,000 signatures in a campaign against the possible tightening of the country’s immigration law, calling it oppressive to refugees and immigrants. Source: UCA News.

South East Asia

Cambodia marks 100 years of Christianity 

Cambodia marked a century of Christianity on Friday, with Prime Minister Hun Sen pressing for harmony among all religions and requesting that the clergy refrain from forcing people to change their beliefs. Source: UCA News.

South East Asia

Love, reconciliation needed to heal Myanmar’s wounds: Cardinal Bo

Cardinal Charles Bo of Yangon says the Church in Myanmar is wounded and displaced as thousands of people are forced to flee their homes, villages are burned and churches are destroyed amid the conflict triggered by last year’s military coup. Source: UCA News.

Natural disasters South East Asia

More than 50,000 Indonesians displaced by deadly earthquake

Caritas agencies are responding after more than 50,000 people were displaced in the wake of the magnitude 5.6 earthquake that struck Indonesia this week. Source: Caritas Australia.