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Human Rights Religious Freedom

Christian schools warn Human Rights Act threatens religious freedoms

Australia’s Christian schools peak body has warned a proposed federal Human Rights Act could threaten religious freedoms, urging the Albanese Government to revisit religious discrimination legislation. Source: The Australian.

Health Human Rights Politics

Human Rights Commissioner calls for wider COVID review

Australia’s COVID-19 restrictions are still having a significant impact on people’s lives and must be rigorously reviewed to avoid unnecessary suffering in future, says Human Rights Commissioner Lorraine Finlay. Source: Sydney Morning Herald.

Human Rights Modern Slavery

ACRATH pushes politicians for compensation scheme for modern slavery survivors

A delegation from Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans (ACRATH) is this week embarking on its annual advocacy visit to Parliament House in Canberra.

Charity Human Rights

Caritas Australia launches appeal to support displaced people globally

Caritas Australia has launched its “Displaced People Crisis Appeal” to respond to the growing global need of people who have been forced to leave their homes due to conflict or the climate crisis.

Human Rights Pope Francis

Pope calls for end to ‘horror of torture’

Pope Francis has called on the international community to work against torture and to guarantee support to victims and their families. Source: NCR Online.

Human Rights Modern Slavery

Number of people in Australia experiencing modern slavery rises to 41,000

Australia has an estimated 41,000 people experiencing modern slavery – nearly triple the estimates since 2018, according to figures published yesterday. Source: Australian Catholic Anti-slavery Network.

Human Rights Migrants

Grattan Institute calls for overhaul of visa rules to protect migrant workers 

One in six migrants is paid less than the national minimum wage according to a new report by the Grattan Institute, which says governments have failed to stop the exploitation of migrant workers. Source: ABC News.

Human Rights United Nations

UN condemns Australia’s ‘inhumane’ detention of refugees

The United Nations’ torture watchdog has urged Australia to end its “inhumane”, indefinite detention of asylum-seekers and immigrants and make reparations for historical human rights abuses. Source: The Age.

Human Rights Media Religion

Religious affairs category added to journalism’s Kennedy Awards

The national Kennedy Awards for outstanding journalism has introduced a new category, acknowledging the important role that human rights, day-to-day social issues and religion play in society.