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Sr Mary-Ellen O’Donoghue with the action plan (Sisters of Saint Joseph)

The Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart, in collaboration with the Sisters of Saint Joseph Lochinvar, have released their joint Laudato Si’ action plan for the Josephite community.

The Explore-Embrace-Embody Laudato Si’ Action Plan was released on Saturday, the anniversary of the death of Josephites co-founder, Fr Julian Tenison Woods.

The seven-year action plan reflects the body of Catholic Social Teaching presented in Pope Francis’ 2015 encyclical, Laudato Si’. The action plan embraces all Josephite communities associated with the congregations and includes sisters, affiliates, boards, staff, companions and those working in Josephite ministries.

“In preparing the action plan we were inspired by our founders St Mary MacKillop and Julian Tenison Woods, plus the lived witness of the Sisters of Saint Joseph who have gone before us,” said Sr Mary-Ellen O’Donoghue RSJ from the congregational leadership team.

“Both Josephite congregations, at their last Chapter and at many previous Chapters, have made significant commitments towards raising their consciousness of the crises affecting people, other species and our common home.

“The implementation of our Explore-Embrace-Embody Laudato Si’ Action Plan provides new impetus in responding to the call to renewal, to eco-conversion and sustainable living.”

The named actions in the plan will be developed by individuals and designated groups across both congregations and turned into dynamic initiatives.

“The action plan will evolve and be shaped by our ongoing reflection and discernment of the emerging needs and our capacity to address these,” Sr Mary-Ellen said.


A Laudato Si’ Action Plan for the Josephite Community (Sisters of Saint Joseph)