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A review of the National Disability Insurance Scheme has been brought forward in a bid to restore trust with participants and rein in waste, with the scheme expected to cost $8.8 billion more than previously forecast. Source: Sydney Morning Herald.

NDIS Minister Bill Shorten said the review, co-chaired by the architect of the NDIS, Bruce Bonyhady, and experienced former senior public servant and policymaker Lisa Paul, is about improving outcomes for participants.

The scheme will cost $8.8 billion more over the next four years than forecast by the previous Morrison government in the March Budget and will cost more than $50 billion a year by 2025-26 – $4 billion higher than estimated just seven months ago.

Mr Shorten said the review would also seek out waste and “rent-seeking” to ensure the funds went to people with disability.

“This review is not about a razor gang and cost-cutting,” he said. “I think we can improve the processes and cut out the bureaucracy. But it won’t be at the expense of people with disability.”

Mr Bonyhady, who was the first chair of the National Disability Insurance Agency which administers the scheme, said the scheme should be overhauled to meet “its original intents” of empowering people with disability.

Mr Bonyhady will chair the first part of the review, which will look at the scheme’s sustainability, design and operation. In the second part of the review, Ms Paul will examine the disability support service providers and workforces.


Shorten points to $8.8 billion NDIS cost increase as he launches review (By Rachel Clun, Sydney Morning Herald