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Australian Catholic University’s Stakeholder Engaged Scholarship Unit has funded 17 research projects since 2020 (ACU)

Australian Catholic University will fund three new community-initiated research projects that seek to improve the lives of young mothers with complex needs, refugees and young people at risk.

ACU’s Stakeholder Engaged Scholarship Unit will fund the projects, which will start before the end of this year. They will focus on improving services offered by four Catholic not-for-profit organisations.

SESU Advisory Group chair Br David Hall fms said the projects all sought to improve the lives of Australian citizens experiencing the most disadvantage and marginalisation.

“As a Catholic university striving to support and advocate for people experiencing marginalisation, the SESU Advisory Group is pleased to announce CatholicCare Sydney, CatholicCare Victoria and St John of God Health Care, and Edmund Rice Education Australia as the successful recipients of the 2022 SESU funding,” Br Hall said.

“At a time of global financial unrest and uncertainty, we are conscious that research projects with a commitment to those experiencing the most vulnerability should be prioritised.”

Since commencing in 2020, the SESU has connected ACU experts and academics with organisations that support communities experiencing disadvantage. A total of 17 projects, including a report into the impact of the pandemic on social service providers in Victoria, have been funded.


ACU funds projects for Catholic non-profits to empower Australians who experience vulnerability (ACU)