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Study probes relationship between religious beliefs, nightmares and anxiety

Australian researchers are investigating whether faith and spirituality influences how people dream – and whether people who are religious are less likely to have nightmares and dreams about death. Source: ABC News.

Family Violence Research

Two-thirds of abused children face more than one type of maltreatment

Australian-first research into the prevalence of childhood maltreatment has revealed almost two-thirds of children who experience any child abuse or neglect have been subjected to more than one type. Source: ACU.

Anniversary Research

Researchers get to work on history of Young Christian Workers movement

To mark the forthcoming centenary of the foundation of the Young Christian Workers movement in Belgium, the Australian Cardijn Institute is launching a project to record the history of the movement in Australia and the Oceania region.

Poverty Research

Report shows poverty growing globally

Declining access to food, greater discrimination against women and widening restrictions on religious freedom have contributed to a higher rate of poverty worldwide, said a new report by a Jesuit research university program. Source: CNS.


University to fund Catholic community research projects

Australian Catholic University will fund three new community-initiated research projects that seek to improve the lives of young mothers with complex needs, refugees and young people at risk.