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The women were given a glimpse of the life in some of Sydney’s religious communities (The Catholic Weekly/Giovanni Portelli)

More than 20 young women considering religious life took part in the annual “Nun Run” last weekend, gaining a rare insight into the life and formation of communities in Sydney. Source: The Catholic Weekly.

A journalist, nurse, lawyer and an accountant were among the group of 18-35s who visited the sisters in their homes and experienced how the different orders live their vocations day-to-day.

On hold for a number of years due to COVID-19, the event co-sponsored by the Sydney Vocations Centre, the Sydney University Catholic student centre, and the Dominican Sisters of St Cecilia, attracted some of the largest numbers to date, proving that despite popular belief, young women are interested in discerning the call to religious life.

Sr Cecilia Joseph OP said God was truly present with them throughout the day, and hopefully would provide answers for anyone called to consecrated life.

“These 23 young women came from a variety and backgrounds and cultures, some studying at university and some working, but all truly seeking God’s will for their life,” she said.

“They are taking the next best step to listen to his voice and discern his plan.

“Ultimately, some took away a clearer desire for the vocation of marriage while others a call to religious or consecrated life.

“Whatever the outcome, their love for the Lord and eagerness to do His will is evident.”


Sydney women racing to Nun Run (By Debbie Cramsie, The Catholic Weekly)