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Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, right, with the cargo of humanitarian aid for Ukraine (Vatican Media)

Pope Francis is sending his Apostolic Almoner, Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, to Ukraine on his sixth humanitarian mission to bring closeness and a cargo of humanitarian aid. Source: Vatican News.

A statement released by the Holy See Press Office yesterday said the Pope is entrusting the head of the Dicastery for Charity Services with yet another evangelical mission.

“The journey includes a visit to the Kherson region where, following the destruction of a dam, the innocent population is in great distress and many people have lost their lives,” the statement said.

Cardinal Konrad Krajewski’s mission, it added, is “to be with the people, to pray with them and to bring the Pope’s embrace and concrete support.”

The papal almoner will make his journey by van, bringing a load of needed medicines. He will visit various religious communities along the way, as well as parishes.

The Holy See Press Office statement also revealed that “a second truck full of food (received mostly from Korea), medicines and medical supplies, will be delivered to the areas most affected by the dam explosion,” will also make the journey in the coming days.

It concluded by noting that Cardinal Krajewski’s mission “is evangelical and highlights Pope Francis’ closeness to tormented Ukraine”.


Pope‘s Almoner undertakes his 6th humanitarian mission to Ukraine (By Linda Bordoni, Vatican News)