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FaithGuide is designed to provide straightforward answers to questions about the Catholic faith (Magellan Media)

A new Australian artificial intelligence-inspired app aims to deliver quick and reliable answers to questions about the Church and its teachings. Source: Majellan Media.

Developed by Majellan Media, the FaithGuide app is free and is ideal for newcomers to the Church and those seeking to deepen their faith. From sacraments to saints, FaithGuide makes exploring the rich history of the Church much easier. 

The app aligns its responses with the Catechism and Canon Law, ensuring accuracy and authenticity. People can access the teachings of theologians and the historical milestones that have shaped the Church over many centuries. 

FaithGuide is designed to provide straightforward answers to questions about the Catholic faith, no matter how complex or simple they may be. 

Majellan Media chief executive officer Tony Biviano said the new initiative will be helpful people who are inquisitive about Church traditions.

“While no doubt some people will have reservations about AI technology, this initiative is an example of how it can help people and provide swift and accurate answers,” Mr Biviano says.

“I hope people will give the app a try to see what it can do. By combining cutting-edge AI technology with the timeless wisdom of the Catholic Church,  FaithGuide offers an unparalleled platform for people of all backgrounds to explore the tenets of the Catholic faith.” 



Understanding the Catholic faith with a new AI-inspired app (Majellan Media)