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Digital Life Education

AI could force change to exams in NSW, says Catholic schools chief

Artificial intelligence could prompt a “reimagining” of the Higher School Certificate in New South Wales, the chief executive of Catholic Schools NSW told educators this week. Source: The Catholic Weekly.

Bible Digital Life

Priest-podcaster’s new video explains the Bible in 10 minutes

A new video that explains the Bible in 10 minutes earned 358,000 views in just 24 hours. Source: OSV News.

Digital Life Social media

Tech companies will not be forced to join $6.5m age assurance trial

Major tech platforms including Meta, TikTok and Snapchat will not be forced to be part of the Albanese Government’s $6.5 million age assurance trial, with the department relying on the “goodwill” of platforms to test the new technology. Source: Canberra Times.

Digital Life Education

Catholic high school expels student hackers

Students at a Perth Catholic school had been hacking into an online data portal to check grades and test scores for years before they were detected. Source: The West Australian.

Digital Life HIgher Education

Computer science course delivers cutting-edge skills

The University of Notre Dame Australia is launching a cutting-edge computer science program that gives students the opportunity to become experts in artificial intelligence, cyber security and data science.

Artificial Intelligence Digital Life

AI priest sparks more backlash than belief

A new AI priest, launched by a Catholic teaching apostolate to answer questions about the faith, has been “laicised” after sparking online backlash. Source: OSV News.

Digital Life Priesthood United States

US seminarians to screen out technology to gain more prayer time

A new formation program at United States seminaries will see first-year seminarians have more prayer time and less screen time. Source: CNA.

Digital Life Priesthood Youth

Fr Galea talks the talk to reach disengaged youth

“Explain the resurrection to me in two minutes without using any Church language.” This is the challenge that Sandhurst priest Fr Rob Galea sets for his staff to ensure they can easily relate to the young people they serve. Source: America Magazine.

Digital Life Pope Francis

Technology challenging the meaning of being human: Pope

Scientific and technological abilities, which are the product of human creativity, are accelerating at such a rapid pace that people must decide how to use their creativity responsibly, Pope Francis said yesterday. Source: OSV News.