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Digital Life Priesthood United States

US seminarians to screen out technology to gain more prayer time

A new formation program at United States seminaries will see first-year seminarians have more prayer time and less screen time. Source: CNA.

Digital Life Priesthood Youth

Fr Galea talks the talk to reach disengaged youth

“Explain the resurrection to me in two minutes without using any Church language.” This is the challenge that Sandhurst priest Fr Rob Galea sets for his staff to ensure they can easily relate to the young people they serve. Source: America Magazine.

Digital Life Pope Francis

Technology challenging the meaning of being human: Pope

Scientific and technological abilities, which are the product of human creativity, are accelerating at such a rapid pace that people must decide how to use their creativity responsibly, Pope Francis said yesterday. Source: OSV News.

Digital Life Education

Catholic education representatives give evidence at AI inquiry

Catholic education representatives have participated in the Albanese Government’s inquiry into the use of generative artificial intelligence (AI) in the education system. Source: NCEC.

Digital Life

Podcast tackles ‘the four great questions of our time’

A renowned scholar of faith and ethics has launched a podcast on the Sydney Archdiocese’s network examining the world through a Catholic context. Source: The Catholic Weekly.

Communications Digital Life Pope Francis

Pope focuses on AI in message for World Day of Social Communications

Pope Francis has released his message for the 2024 World Day of Social Communications, focusing on the theme “Artificial Intelligence and the Wisdom of the Heart: Towards a Fully Human Communication”. Source: Vatican News. 

Digital Life Media Prayer

New podcast series explores the power of prayer 

In a year that has been dedicated to prayer by Pope Francis, Majellan Media has launched a new “Prayer is Life” podcast series featuring Redemptorist priest Father David Hore CSsR. 

Digital Life Peace

AI offers both exciting opportunities and grave risks: Pope

All forms of artificial intelligence should be used to alleviate suffering, promote integral development and help end wars, not increase inequality and injustice in the world, Pope Francis said in his message for World Peace Day 2024. Source: OSV News.

Digital Life

Experts dismiss claim AI could replace priests

A new poll published in a British Government report claims the priesthood is in danger of being replaced by artificial intelligence algorithms. Source: The Tablet.