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The podcasts are available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and other podcast outlets (Majellan Media)

Year 11 students from a Melbourne Catholic secondary school have shared their views on subjects such as bullying, academic stress, addiction, judgement, social media challenges and nurturing friendships in a new series of podcasts. Source: Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools.

The Chatter Matter podcast series is a collaboration between St John’s Regional College Dandenong and Majellan Media. The 15-minute podcasts features candid conversations on the topics that resonate with young people today.

Each episode explores a different topic whereby students discuss how they see the issue and how it affects them, while offering ideas on how to address the issue. College counsellors also offer expert advice.

The series is tailored for classroom and small group use and serves as a tool for teachers, counsellors, parents and anyone engaged with youth. Accompanied by free downloadable worksheets, these podcasts are intended to promote meaningful dialogue and reflection on topics young people need to talk about.

St John’s principal Tim Hogan is enthusiastic about the project.

“These podcasts are not only a testament to the quality of our students, but also highlight the importance of student voice in any community. It’s truly an honour for the college to be involved with Chatter Matters.”

Majellan Media CEO Tony Biviano emphasises the fresh perspective offered by the students. “The insights and advice they share are amazing. This is a new experience for them and it’s been a joy to see their development. I believe Chatter Matters will be a tremendous resource for schools across the country, stimulating further discussions among young people, particularly in an era when mental health issues are increasingly prevalent.”

The podcasts are available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and other podcast outlets.



St John’s Regional College students’ empowering new podcast series (MACS)