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The motto of the Pope’s journey to Mongolia aims to underscore that the visit is both a pastoral and a state visit (Vatican Media)

Pope Francis has invited everyone to pray for his upcoming apostolic journey to Mongolia , which takes place under the motto “Hoping Together”. Source: Vatican News.

In his greetings following the recitation of the Angelus prayer at the Vatian yesterday, Pope Francis spoke about his trip to Mongolia which will take place from Thursday to September 4.

The motto of the journey, “Hoping Together,” aims to underscore the double meaning of the Mongolian trip – that of a pastoral visit and of a state visit.

The Pope described it as a “much-desired visit” and an opportunity “to embrace a Church small in numbers but vibrant in faith and great in charity”.

The Holy Father recalled Mongolia’s rich “religious tradition,” which he “will have the honour of getting to know especially in the context of an interreligious event.”

Pope Francis expressed his happiness “to be among” the Mongolian people “as a brother for all.”

The Pope concluded by thanking the civil authorities of Mongolia for the invitation and those “who with great commitment are preparing for my arrival”.

“I ask all of you to accompany this visit with your prayers,” he said. 

Pope Francis: I am happy to visit Mongolia as a brother to all (By Edoardo Giribaldi, Vatican News