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Papal Trip Refugees

Vinnies says Pope’s PNG visit could shine light on plight of refugees

The St Vincent de Paul Society says Pope Francis’s planned visit to Papua New Guinea in August could help resolve “the dire situation” of refugees still held in Port Moresby under a deal the Australian and PNG governments have both kept under wraps. Source: National Indigenous Times.

Oceania Papal Trip Pope Francis

Francis to visit Papua New Guinea in August

Federation of Catholic Bishops Conferences of Oceania president Bishop Anthony Randazzo has welcomed the news that Pope Francis will visit Papua New Guinea in August. Source: ACBC Media Blog.

Papal Trip Pope Francis

Pope has no plans to resign but is planning foreign visits

Pope Francis could visit Oceania for the first time, confirming in a televised interview that he has several foreign trips planned for this year, including a mid-year trip to Polynesia and a potential visit to Argentina. Source: Crux.

Migrants Papal Trip Pope Francis

Marseille next stop in Pope’s ‘Mediterranean pilgrimage’

Pope Francis’ trip to the French port city of Marseille this week is another stop on a decade-long Mediterranean pilgrimage, which began with his maiden voyage as Pope to the Italian island of Lampedusa in 2013. Source: CNS.

Asia Papal Trip Pope Francis

Pope encountered ‘a humble and joyful Church’ in Mongolia

Pope Francis said he knows people wonder why he travelled close to 10,000 kilometres to Mongolia to visit a Catholic community of only 1450 people. Source: NCR Online.

East Asia Papal Trip Pope Francis

All of us are God’s nomads, Pope tells Mongolia’s Catholics

Just a month after celebrating a Mass in Portugal for a crowd of more than 1.5 million attendees, Pope Francis yesterday turned his attention to a local church in Mongolia that has fewer than 1500 Catholics in the entire country. Source: NCR Online.

Asia Papal Trip Pope Francis

Mongolia offers chance to embrace silence: Pope

Pope Francis has departed Rome aboard the papal plane to begin his apostolic journey to Mongolia, telling journalists travelling with him that the Asian nation can teach people to embrace silence. Source: Vatican News.

Papal Trip Pope Francis

Pope expresses his happiness ‘to be among’ the Mongolian people

Pope Francis has invited everyone to pray for his upcoming apostolic journey to Mongolia , which takes place under the motto “Hoping Together”. Source: Vatican News.

Mission Papal Trip

Catholic Mission team joins unveiling of program for papal trip to Mongolia

A team of Catholic Mission representatives visiting Mongolia had the privilege on Friday of witnessing the unveiling of the official program and logo of Pope Francis’ historic visit to Mongolia in September.