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Dr Ralph Martin (Hobart Archdiocese)

Catholics need to rediscover their confidence in Scripture as the source of divine revelation and to unite themselves daily with God through prayer in order to evangelise an anti-Christian secular culture, according to evangelist Ralph Martin. Source: Hobart Archdiocese.

The president of the United States-based Renewal Ministries recently spoke in Hobart on the topic of “Living as Catholics in Challenging Times,” at the invitation of the Christopher Dawson Centre for Cultural Studies.

“The first thing we need to do as individuals is recover our confidence in the inspired, inerrant word of God in Sacred Scripture,” Dr Martin told his audience at the Hope and Anchor Tavern in Hobart last month.

Referencing the Vatican II document Dei Verbum, Dr Martin said the primary author of Sacred Scripture was God, who worked through human authors.

“We don’t have to guess any longer what the meaning of life is, this has been revealed to us. What a blessing that God has inspired the sacred writers to pass on faithfully what they’ve been shown, what they’ve seen, what they touched with their own hands, and what the Holy Spirit has illumined to them about the meaning of what Jesus has said and done.”

Dr Martin recommended that Catholics not only read the Scriptures daily, but also spend time with God in prayer each day.

He said his own life had been transformed by surrendering unconditionally to Jesus Christ, who was “the way, the truth, and the life”.

“I think with what’s going on in our culture right now, and the confusion and division in our Church, we’ve got to stay really close to the Lord. We’ve got to be fed by his word. We’ve got to really pay attention to him so that we can pass the test and so that we can be a light for others.”


Stay close to the Lord in these challenging times, evangelist urges  (By Catherine Sheehan, Hobart Archdiocese)