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The Path of Healing and Protection by Lani Balzan (ACSL)

A new Indigenous artwork that tells the story of Australian Catholic Safeguarding Ltd and its commitment to creating safe spaces for everyone has been unveiled by ACSL.

Created by Aboriginal artist and Wiradjuri woman Lani Balzan, The Path of Healing and Protection tells the story of ACSL’s mission: to create a culture of safety, care, and respect within the Catholic Church in Australia, especially for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

“The artwork celebrates inclusion, restorative practice, and the concept of safe spaces while representing the transformative journey of healing and spirituality,” Ms Balzan said.

ACSL chief executive officer Ursula Stephens said that the artwork underscores ACSL’s recognition of Indigenous Australians as vital and valued members of the Church in Australia. 

“Injustices and abuse suffered by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders have been profound. Yet in spite of this painful history, our Church has been greatly enriched by Indigenous Spirituality and many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples retain their Catholic faith and are vital members of our Church,” Dr Stephens said.

“This artwork shows our determination to acknowledge the trauma that has been experienced by so many First Nations Australians within the Church, and at the same time, our resolution to pursue the path of healing and to ensure that our Church is safe for all people, through a shared commitment to safety and care.”


New Indigenous artwork helps tell story of ACSL and commitment to a safe Church (ACSL)