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Calvary Bruce Private Hospital general manager Cherie Townsend, left, Mental Health consumer representative Katie Tonacia, and nurse Paul Odoemena (Catholic Voice)

The expansion of Hyson Green mental health service at Calvary Bruce Private Hospital in Canberra signals a commitment to quality mental healthcare for the region, according to consumer representative Katie Tonacia. Source: Catholic Voice.

Hyson Green supports people living with mental health conditions, including anxiety, depression, mood disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder. It offers voluntary day- and in-patient programs with group and individual therapy sessions.

The recently opened 14-bed extension is built over two levels and includes bedrooms, day-to-day treatment rooms, communal spaces and offices.

Ms Tonacia, who is also chief executive of first responder mental health support and advocacy group Picking Up The Peaces, said Hyson Green had long been a place where healing, understanding, and growth had been at the forefront of mental healthcare.

“For the many consumers who require a safe, nurturing, compassionate environment, with personalised mental healthcare, these additional contemporary facilities, holistic programs, and professional staff are a welcomed blessing to our community,” she said.

“Mental health care isn’t just about treating mental illness; it’s also about promoting overall mental health and wellbeing, learning how to build resilience, and including the patient in their own care and planning.”

Calvary Bruce Private Hospital General Manager Cherie Townsend said the extension would increase Hyson Green’s capacity to care for those in need in a purpose-built space.

“Hyson Green has played an important role in supporting the mental health needs of people in the Territory since it was established more than 25 years ago,” she said.

“With this expansion, we will now have the capacity to provide care and support for up to 65 inpatients and outpatients.”


Mental Health facilities expanded in the Territory (By Veronika Cox, Catholic Voice)