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Sr Mary-Ann Casanova RSJ with her art installation made of plastics (Vatican News)

As people and organisations throughout the world respond to Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’, Australia’s Josephite community has taken up his call to care for all creation and those who inhabit it, especially the poor. Source: Vatican News.

The Josephite community, which includes the congregations of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart and the Sisters of St Joseph Lochinvar (and extends to lay people who share the Josephite charism), has responded to Pope Francis’ invitation by committing to the Laudato Si’ Action Platform.

In addition, in 2022, the Josephite community released its own Laudato Si’ Action Plan, titled “Explore Embrace Embody”.

Sr Mary-Ann Casanova, a Sister of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart based in Adelaide, is the Explore Embrace Embody project officer.

She says Josephite sisters maintain a deep commitment to ecological issues and the environment. 

“Josephite congregations have sought to identify and address the needs of Earth, its peoples and all creation,” Sr Mary-Ann said.

“The hope of the action plan is that although the subject matter will be ongoing, the call to personal growth, greater ecological and evolutionary consciousness is a lifelong work.”

To date, the Josephite Community has produced videos on the action plan, in which members share what Explore Embrace Embody is about, its goals, and how supporters can get involved.

Last year, the Josephites focused on the environmental impact of soft plastics.

As the Josephites believe, whether a contribution is big or small, it all helps. As St Mary MacKillop said, “Do all you can with the means at your disposal and calmly leave the rest to God.”


Josephites in Australia actively respond to Laudato Si’ (By Mary Baynie, Vatican News)