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Ecology Laudato Si'

Caritas Australia launches Laudato Si’ Action Plan

Caritas Australia has launched its Laudato Si’ Action Plan, with the charity planning for its role in leading Australia’s Catholic community in a collective response to Pope Francis’ call to “protect our common home”.


Theology lecturer encourages Integral Ecology students to ‘unlearn’

Australian Catholic University theology lecturer Jacqui Remond has encouraged students of a new global online course on Integral Ecology to “have the audacity” to unlearn the ego-centric behaviours causing poly-crises in the world.

Africa Ecology

Cardinal says mineral resources should help Africans, not hurt them

As minerals fuel deadly conflicts in Africa, a Congolese cardinal has urged local churches to ensure the continent’s abundant resources contribute to the benefit of its populations instead of hurting them. Source: OSV News.

Ecology Environment In The Dioceses

Brisbane archdiocese launches Laudato Si’ Action Plan

“The vision has to become action,” Archbishop Mark Coleridge said at the launch of Brisbane Archdiocese’s Laudato Si’ Action Plan 2024-2026 yesterday. Source: The Catholic Leader.

Ecology Religious Orders

Australia’s Josephites respond to Laudato Si’

As people and organisations throughout the world respond to Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’, Australia’s Josephite community has taken up his call to care for all creation and those who inhabit it, especially the poor. Source: Vatican News.

Ecology South America

Bishops link devastating Bolivian wildfires to deforestation

A Latin American bishops conference commission has warned that a record number of wildfires in the Amazonian region of Bolivia are related to legal changes in recent years that have promoted deforestation. Source: Crux.

Ecology Environment Pope Francis

Pope marks two-year anniversary of platform, asks for prayers for COP28

Pope Francis has marked the two-year anniversary of the Laudato Si’ Action Platform, which aims to promote care for the environment. Source: Vatican News.

Charity Climate Ecology

Caritas report gives a voice to victims of climate change

Caritas Internationalis has launched a new report that reveals the experiences of people displaced by climate change. Source: Caritas Australia.

Ecology Environment

Caritas Internationalis launches ‘Global Year of Action’ on climate change

Caritas Internationalis has launched a Global Year of Action on climate change, to empower individuals and communities to use their voices to address urgent environmental challenges and create a sustainable, socially just future. Source: Caritas Australia.