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Police Commissioner Col Blanch said witnesses will be interviewed as part of the investigation (Supplied)

Western Australia Police have not laid charges against former Broome Bishop Christopher Saunders after he was interviewed by detectives in relation to historical allegations of sexual offences. Source: The West Australian.

Police Commissioner Col Blanch confirmed no charges had been laid against Bishop Saunders after he was questioned by police in Perth on Monday and his former home in Broome was also searched by detectives.

The police probe comes after a Vatican Vos Estis Lux Mundi investigation — which was ordered by Pope Francis — levelled a number of sexual misconduct allegations against Bishop Saunders.

He has denied any wrongdoing.

Mr Blanch yesterday said police were working on “new information” and working to verify the claims within the report.

He said police would investigate until a decision was made about whether there was enough evidence to lay charges.

Mr Blanch said witnesses will be interviewed as part of the investigation.

Responding to suggestions the Vatican was due to make an announcement imminently about the status of Bishop Saunders, Mr Blanch said that would not affect the police investigation.

“We do an investigation, we assess the evidence that we have … we will prosecute as normal,” he said.


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