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Anthony Albanese address Parliament yesterday (ABC News)

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese says his Government remains committed to truth-telling and treaty, but has cautioned Labor will take time to ensure the national response strikes the right balance. Source: The Age.

In his first major speech on Indigenous affairs since the defeat of the Voice to Parliament referendum last October, Mr Albanese yesterday delivered a formal response to the annual Closing the Gap report on Indigenous disadvantage, 16 years after former prime minister Kevin Rudd delivered the national apology.

Mr Albanese highlighted four key measures in the report that were getting worse – small children were failing to thrive, more children were now in out-of-home care, more adults were in prison, and the number of suicides had increased.

The report found that just four of 19 socioeconomic outcomes for Aboriginal Australians were on track to meet their targets, while 11 of 19 were improving.

Four measures – Indigenous Australians’ access to secure and affordable housing, young people being engaged in employment or education, people enjoying long and healthy lives and babies being born healthy and strong – were found to have improved but were not on track.

“Australians want to close the gap. Australians believe in the fair go. This government remains determined to move reconciliation forward and seek better results for Indigenous Australians,” Mr Albanese told the Parliament.

Indigenous Australians Minister Linda Burney sidestepped questions about the timing and extent of the Government’s commitment to treaty and truth-telling but said the Government was taking its time to consult and work with Aboriginal leaders and organisations.


Albanese commits to treaty and truth-telling as Indigenous children fail to thrive (By James Massola and Olivia Ireland, The Age)