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You’ve submitted your application letter and your resume. And your prospective new employer now wants to see you in person.

Don’t panic! There are five things you can do to impress your next employer at a job interview.

  1. Do your research: Preparation is key. Research the company, its mission, values, structure, key personnel and current projects. This knowledge shows genuine interest and allows you to tailor your responses to their specific needs.
  2. Practice makes perfect: Anticipate common interview questions and prepare thoughtful answers that showcase your skills and experiences. Practice your responses out loud to refine your delivery and build confidence.
  3. Dress for success: First impressions matter. Dress professionally according to the company culture you researched. A neat and polished appearance conveys respect and seriousness about the opportunity.
  4. Be an active listener: Pay close attention to the interviewer’s questions and respond directly to what they ask. Don’t ramble or go off on tangents. If something is unclear, politely ask for clarification.
  5. Show enthusiasm and ask questions: Throughout the interview, express your enthusiasm for the role and the company. Prepare insightful questions to demonstrate your curiosity and initiative. Ask about the team dynamics, company culture, or specific aspects of the job to show you’ve done your research.