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How to write a job-winning resume

You’ve seen your dream job on the CathNews jobs site. Now it is time to sit down and craft your

Job Hunting Jobs Market Blog

Catholic schools seek quality teachers

Many of the jobs posted on the CathNews jobs portal relate to education and schools. But what are our Catholic

Job Hunting Jobs Market Blog

The keys to performing well in a job interview

You’ve submitted your application letter and your resume. And your prospective new employer now wants to see you in person.

Job Hunting Jobs Market Blog

Nail that job application letter

A job application letter is more than just a note attached to a resume. It requires thought, research and a

Employment First Nations Jobs Market Blog

Labor announces $700m jobs program for Indigenous Australians

The Albanese Government will invest $707 million in a new jobs program for remote Australia that it says will deliver 3000 jobs and better living conditions for Indigenous Australians over the next three years. Source: The Australian.

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Recipients say JobSeeker payment not enough to live on

A majority of people say they cannot live on the JobSeeker rate, boosting calls for the welfare payment to be increased. Source: SBS News.

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Lack of suitable jobs locking hundreds of thousands in poverty, report finds

A lack of suitable jobs and a trend towards insecure work is locking hundreds of thousands of people in poverty, according to a new report. Source: The Guardian.