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Bishop Pierre-André Dumas (Vatican Media)

As violence in Haiti spirals further out of control, the country’s bishops have urged national authorities to ensure the safety and security of citizens and to provide answers after a recent explosion left a bishop severely burned. Source: Crux.

In a statement, the Haitian Bishops’ Conference (CEH) referred to the February 18 explosion that injured Bishop Pierre-André Dumas of Anse-à-Veau and Miragoâne, saying, “the authorities of the Church of Rome, and other sister churches, the Church in Haiti, and all citizens of the country must know what caused this enormous explosion”.

“We await without delay the results of the investigation by the Scientific Police to find out what happened and to make the appropriate decisions,” they said, saying Bishop Dumas “is suffering a lot. His family is suffering. The bishops, priests and faithful of the Diocese of Anse-à-Veau/Miragoâne, all citizens of goodwill, are suffering.”

However, the bishops insisted that “there is hope,” noting that Bishop Dumas continues to receive treatment. They prayed for his recovery, asking that “he can return among us, return to his diocese, resume the work of announcing the Gospel of love, justice and peace”.

Bishop Dumas was wounded in a massive explosion in the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince on February 18, sustaining severe burns.

He has since been transferred to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, where he is receiving ongoing treatment for burns to his face, arms and legs. He continues to undergo various procedures but is in stable condition and is expected to return to Haiti when his health permits.

The bishops’ statement comes as Haiti has declared a three-day state of emergency and a nighttime curfew after armed gangs stormed two of the country’s largest prisons over the weekend, allowing some 4000 criminals, including murderers and kidnappers, to be released back onto the streets.

According to local reports, at least nine people died over the weekend, including four police officers, while gangs have targeted other structures such as police stations, the country’s international airport, and the national soccer stadium.


Haitian bishops demand answers in attack that injured bishop (By Elise Ann Allen, Crux)