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North America

Catholics in Puerto Rico urged to help in combatting dengue fever

An archbishop in Puerto Rico has issued a pastoral letter asking Catholics on the island to cooperate with civil officials in efforts to combat an outbreak of dengue fever, a mosquito-borne disease, and to care for those who have fallen ill. Source: The Tablet.

North America

Security expert calls for more protection for Norh American churches

An assault on a Texas priest – along with recent incidents at Catholic churches in North America – highlights the need for parishes to implement more robust security measures, says a security expert. Source: OSV News.

North America

Seminary latest Church target in Haiti’s ‘dizzying chaos’ 

An attack on a seminary in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, is the most recent in a series of incidents involving Catholic Church targets, amid the worst crisis in the Caribbean nation in several years. Source: OSV News.

North America

Haiti’s Catholic bishops issue urgent appeal for end to violence

The Haitian Bishops’ Conference has issued a pastoral letter pleading for the end of widespread violence and for the active search for peace and national reconciliation in the Caribbean nation. Source: Catholic World Report.

North America

Haitian bishops demand answers in attack that injured bishop

As violence in Haiti spirals further out of control, the country’s bishops have urged national authorities to ensure the safety and security of citizens and to provide answers after a recent explosion left a bishop severely burned. Source: Crux.

North America

Bishop wounded in explosion as violence escalates in Haiti

A Catholic bishop was wounded in an explosion in Haiti’s capital, marking the latest act of violence in a spiral that has been plaguing the Caribbean country for years. Source: Crux. 

North America Vatican

Francis calls for release of Haiti hostages

Pope Francis has called for the release of six religious sisters and other hostages who were kidnapped while travelling on a bus in the Haitian capital of Port-Au-Prince. Source: Global Sisters Report.

North America

Bishop calls for ‘intense’ day of prayer and fasting for end of violence in Mexico

A bishop whose diocese is located in one of Mexico’s regions most affected by drug trafficking violence has called for an “intense” day of fasting and prayer tomorrow. Source: CNA.

North America

Ten killed, 60 injured after church roof collapses in Mexico

The collapse of a Catholic church roof during a service in northern Mexico has killed at least 10 people and injured 60, and searchers said yesterday that no further people were believed to be trapped in the wreckage. Source: NCR Online.