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Monique Earsman (CSSA)

Catholic Social Services Australia is calling on the Commonwealth Government to increase the rate of JobSeeker, Youth Allowance, and related payments to at least the rate of the Age Pension, which is just under $80 per day.

In a statement released yesterday, CSSA said it “stands in solidarity with social service providers and advocates, urging the federal Government to use the 2024-25 Budget to strengthen our social safety net”.

CSSA acknowledged the Government’s recent initiatives to alleviate cost of living pressures, including the restructuring of the Stage 3 Tax Cuts to enhance fairness, but said there remains an urgent need for targeted relief for those on the lowest incomes. 

“Over 3 million Australians, including over 760,000 children, live on incomes below the poverty line. The inadequacy of our social safety net is forcing these individuals and families into severe and lasting disadvantage,” CSSA executive director Monique Earsman said.

“While raising the rate of social security payments is costly, the alternative – relegating people to a lifetime of poverty and disengagement – is far more costly.”

The upcoming Budget is expected to introduce measures to enhance rent Assistance and increase subsidies for electricity and childcare costs. These changes are intended to alleviate cost-of-living pressures, at least in the short term.

In addition to these measures, CSSA called on the Government to address the root causes of poverty and inequity.


CSSA Federal Pre Budget submission calls for economic reform (CSSA)