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A large congregation fills St Mary’s Cathedral Hobart on Easter Sunday (ABC News)

Christians across Australia and the world have gathered to celebrate Easter – one of the most significant days on the Christian calendar – seen by many as a time of recollection and renewed hope. Source: SBS News/ABC News.

From city to city and state to state, faith leaders of different Christian denominations preached the powerful significance of the day, spreading messages of hope and goodwill to their congregations.

At the Easter service at Melbourne’s St Patrick’s Cathedral, Archbishop Peter Comensoli gave a message of positivity in the face of war and unrest around the world, the ABC reported.

“Death — personally and existentially — is not the end,” Archbishop Comensoli said. “Descent into conflict and hatred is not inevitable. Peace, healing, mercy and forgiveness are possible and doable.”

In his message, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said Easter serves as a reminder of some of life’s most important messages, SBS News reported.

“Happy Easter Australia! Easter is a time of hope and renewal. For Christians here and across the world, it’s a moment to reflect on the resurrection. Celebrations and services across the country remind us of the importance of forgiveness, grace, and kindness to those in need. Qualities that are so much a part of the compassion and virtue of this, the greatest country on earth,” he said.

Opposition leader Peter Dutton said Easter was a time to reflect on the spirit of renewal and new life for both members of the Christian faith and people of other religions.

“At Easter, Christians will remember the life, teachings and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The values of service and humility, gratitude and forgiveness, tolerance and love have shaped democratic nations and peoples; including our own country, our institutions and our national character. But whether you are Christian or not, Easter is a time for rest and reflection; of gathering with family and friends,” he said.

In Hobart, Catholics gathered at St Mary’s Cathedral for Easter Sunday Mass.

Celine Kakumanu attended with her family. She said the day was about forgiveness and repentance.

“I feel happy because he’s resurrected and he’s giving us blessings of love, peace and joy,” Ms Kakumanu said.

In the Vatican, Pope Francis presided over the Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday following concerns for his health after he pulled out of the Good Friday procession service at the Colosseum at the last minute.

In Jerusalem, Christians gathered for the Holy Saturday liturgy, while in France, Good Friday processions took place at the Notre Dame Cathedral and in Seoul, over 15,000 people from 60 Christian groups took part in an Easter parade.


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