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Students from the Korwa tribe in rural India, supported by Jesuit Mission programs, dance in their classroom (Jesuit Mission)

More than half a million people received access to health care, clean water, education and housing through Jesuit Mission Australia-supported programs in 14 countries last year, thanks to the generosity of the Australian Catholic community.

Jesuit Mission’s latest annual Gratitude Report reveals the continuing impact of the legacy of the first six young Australian Jesuits who travelled to India in 1951. Their mission sparked a movement of uplift that brought quality education and opportunity for marginalised communities in Hazaribag, India, and later expanded around the world.

“Last year, 25,000 individuals in remote communities gained access to vital health care, 23,000 people received clean water facilities and over 25,000 refugees received much needed education, livelihood training, psychosocial support and housing assistance,” said Helen Forde, chief executive of Jesuit Mission.

“I want to sincerely thank our whole Jesuit Mission family – for the support you’ve provided throughout the year.”

The project partners of Jesuit Mission accompany vulnerable communities, delivering programs in areas of education, livelihoods, agriculture, water and sanitation, emergency response, refugee accompaniment, and pastoral services.

These Jesuit partners have also stood in solidarity alongside 171,000 people in crisis around the world, providing emergency relief and long-term assistance to people in Myanmar, Ukraine, Syria and South Sudan.

“Please join me in a moment of reflection as you read our Gratitude Report. Every story of hope and transformative change is only possible through the love, compassion and generosity from people like you in our community,” Ms Forde said.

Details: Jesuit Mission’s 2023 Gratitude Report


A movement of uplift then and now  (Jesuit Mission)