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Bill Dixon (Catholic Education Cairns)

Catholic Education Cairns executive director Bill Dixon has announced his retirement after more than 10 years in the role.

Mr Dixon will conclude more than 21 years’ service to Catholic education – in a number of roles across Queensland – at the end of the year. 

He said it had been a privilege to serve in the position, responsible for providing leadership and support to the 30 Catholic schools across Far North Queensland, educating more than 12,000 students each year. 

“It’s been a time of many joys, opportunities, and challenges,” Mr Dixon said. 

“I’ve been very aware of the enormous responsibility I’ve had to contribute to the faith life and administration of the Diocese of Cairns whilst ensuring that quality education and duty of care is provided to our students. 

“I’ve always tried to make sure that our school and office staff have felt valued, developed, and encouraged in their professional pursuits, and that parents, caregivers and the community have been actively engaged in the partnership we all share in the education of our young people,” he said. 

Mr Dixon said he wanted to acknowledge the support that had been given to him by Church leadership, including Emeritus Bishop James Foley, diocesan administrator Fr Kerry Crowley, and the former moderator of the curia, Fr Neil Muir. 

“Their wisdom, advice and encouragement have always been welcome and very valuable.” 

Fr Crowley said Mr Dixon had made an immeasurable contribution to the Catholic Church and the young people of Far North Queensland. 

“Catholic Education has boomed during Bill’s time as Executive Director, with enrolments increasing by more than 20 per cent and four new schools opened. 

A recruitment process to select Mr Dixon’s replacement (from January 2025) will commence later this month. 


 Executive Director Bill Dixon to retire at the end of 2024 (Catholic Education Cairns)