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More than 70 international delegates are attending the two-day conference in Canberra. (ACU)

Some of the world’s most respected and influential Catholic educators have descended on Canberra for a two-day conference on the role of schools as “centres of evangelisation”. Source: Australian Catholic University.

The International Catholic Schools Conference is being hosted by ACU Canberra and Catholic Education Canberra-Goulburn in partnership with ACU La Salle Academy and Catholic Schools Youth Ministry International (CSYMI).

More than 70 international delegates from Oceania, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and East Africa, have arrived at ACU’s Signadou Campus in Canberra for the conference.

Concluding today, the conference will explore the possibility of Catholic schools as places and spaces where staff and students encounter and experience the Catholic faith through contemporary evangelisation strategies. 

The conference will specifically focus on staff and leader formation, and student formation for peer-to-peer ministry.

ACU Canberra campus dean Darius von Guttner said he was delighted to welcome the international and national delegates to conference this week.

“We are honoured to host such a diverse assembly of educational leaders, principals, teachers, church leaders, and representatives from numerous countries and dioceses,” Associate Professor von Guttner said.

“The presence of our esteemed guests underscores the global commitment to faith formation in education and reflects our shared mission.

“We are particularly excited about the opportunity this conference provides for enriching our collective journey of faith. Our goal is to foster a community where the quest for knowledge is harmonised with the pursuit of virtue, creating an environment that nurtures both mind and soul.”

A Current of Grace will feature a range of national and international speakers, with keynotes and break-out sessions designed to address critical themes of staff and student formation.

“We are grateful for the collaborative efforts that have made this conference possible,” Associate Professor von Guttner said. “It exemplifies the spirit of synodality, bringing together various stakeholders to work towards a common goal.”


International delegates welcomed at ACU for Catholic education conference (ACU)