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Bishop Robert Rabbat presents the gift of an icon of St John to Chris Minns (The Catholic Weekly/Jazz Chalouh)

Sydney’s Palestinian Christians said they were “optimistic” about peace in the Holy Land after NSW Premier Chris Minns and other civic leaders joined their community for Mass on Sunday. Source: The Catholic Weekly.

Melkite Catholic Bishop Robert Rabbat presided at the Mass at St John the Beloved Church in Greenacre to pray for peace in solidarity with the Palestinian community.

Also present were federal minister and local MP Tony Burke, NSW ministers Steve Kamper and Jihad Dib, former president of the NSW Legislative Council John Ajaka, Canterbury Bankstown mayor Bilal El-Hayek and deputy mayor Rachelle Harika.

“We thank you for taking the time to be with us, but every one of us here, myself included, would actually like you to give us the whole day, to tell you our problems,” Bishop Rabbat told the political leaders at the conclusion of the Mass.

“Today we came to pray with our Palestinian community, to say that we hear your pain. Palestine is bleeding, no doubt. I wish I had the solution. I know that deep inside your heart, Mr Premier, ministers and public officials, God will give you the solution.

“And I’m sure that everyone is expecting Australia, through God’s grace, to give the solution.

“Because here we see people from all walks of life [for whom] Australia opened her arms and said you are more than welcome and we will give you the opportunity to live in peace.

“We look to you to offer this bleeding land the just peace it deserves.”


Minns prays for peace with the Palestinian community (By Marilyn Rodrigues, The Catholic Weekly)