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Interfaith Peace Pope Francis

Pope tells religious leaders to counter war rhetoric with focus on peace

In a world filled with “bellicose rhetoric”, religious leaders must make extra efforts to speak of peace and to nurture every action and attitude that lessens tensions and increases dialogue, Pope Francis said yesterday. Source: NCR Online.

Easter Peace Pope Francis

Pope Francis uses Easter blessing to pray for peace

In his Easter Sunday blessing, Pope Francis asked the risen Lord to open paths of peace in the Holy Land, Ukraine, and all regions of the world suffering from war and violence. Source: CNA.

Peace People

We must always strive to find a peaceful course: Cosgrove

Sir Peter Cosgrove, one of Australia’s most celebrated and decorated Catholics, has pressed the need for a spirit of service to the Church and the broader community. Source: The Catholic Weekly.

Peace Ukraine

Pope’s Ukraine envoy says peace requires talking to enemies

Cardinal Matteo Zuppi, Pope Francis’ special envoy to Ukraine, says his mission to the war-torn country has specific patterns in promoting peace. Source: OSV News.

Digital Life Peace

AI offers both exciting opportunities and grave risks: Pope

All forms of artificial intelligence should be used to alleviate suffering, promote integral development and help end wars, not increase inequality and injustice in the world, Pope Francis said in his message for World Peace Day 2024. Source: OSV News.

Interfaith Peace

Faiths unite for peace in Holy Land

Sydney Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP has called on people of all faiths to unite in a shared commitment to promoting peace in a world struggling with the horrors of war, especially in the Holy Land. Source: The Catholic Weekly.

Bishops Middle East Peace

Bishops call on people of faith to join them in praying for peace in Holy Land 

Australia’s Catholic bishops are “praying for a lasting peace” in the Holy Land and have called for people of faith to pray with them. Source: Australian Catholic Bishops Conference.

Peace Pope Francis

Pope prays for peace in Middle East and Ukraine

As the wars, violence and deaths continue in Ukraine and in the Holy Land, Pope Francis yesterday again urged people to pray for peace. Source: CNS.

Peace Sacraments

Want peace? Go to confession: Cardinal

Peacemaking begins in people’s own hearts by reconciling with themselves and God through the sacrament of confession, a Vatican cardinal said this week. Source: CNA.