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Cardinal George Pell’s funeral at St Peter’s Basilica last year

Cardinal George Pell’s family has no ­complaints about his medical treatment in Rome’s Salvator Mundi Hospital and the autopsy report of his death, which they have had translated and scrutinised by Australian doctors. Source: The Australian.

The Cardinal, who had several serious heart conditions, the first dating back to the 1990s, was “a ticking time bomb’’, his brother, David Pell, told The Weekend Australian.

The Vatican’s first auditor-­general, Libero Milone, who worked closely with Cardinal Pell in the corruption fight in the ­Vatican, last week described the Cardinal’s death as “shrouded in mystery” and revealed he had made a heartfelt vow to “get to the truth” for his colleague while paying final respects at his coffin in Rome.

Mr Milone’s speaking out triggered others to voice longstanding claims that the late Cardinal’s body was treated with disrespect at the Vatican and that his clothes and shoes were “thrown in his coffin’’ when his body was returned to Australia for burial.

David Pell said his brother’s body was dressed but the vestments “weren’t on in the correct sequence”. His brother’s nose “was askew’’ and “could have been ­broken by the lid of his tight fitting coffin’’ which was zinc lined. Or, as a medico suggested, the Cardinal’s nose could have been damaged by hospital tubes while nursing staff were trying to revive him.

The late Cardinal’s size 14 shoes were not on, Mr Pell said, because there was no room. They were in the coffin and the family asked the undertaker to give them away. They went to a St Vincent de Paul shop in Sydney.


George Pell ‘a ticking time bomb’, says family (By Paola Totaro and Tess Livingstone, The Australian)