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Euthanasia divides us into two classes of people: Archbishop Fisher

At a time when social cohesion is needed more than ever, the New South Wales euthanasia legislation that came into effect yesterday is a divisive law, writes Sydney Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP. Source: The Catholic Weekly.

Euthanasia Opinion

Euthanasia has perpetuated our fear of death

One of the most unfortunate aspects of the euthanasia debate is the lack of nuance about the important issue of palliative care, write Simon Cowan and Jessica Borbasi. Source: Canberra Times. 

Education Opinion

Let’s all back our teachers

It’s not an exaggeration to say teachers are key architects of the future health and prosperity of our nation, writes Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools executive director Edward Simons writes as Australia marks World Teachers Day.


Referendum result a message to the political class

The meaning and consequences of Australia’s rejection of the Indigenous Voice to Parliament referendum is now up for debate, writes Australian Catholic University’s Joel Hodge. Source: Eureka Street.

First Nations Opinion

NATSICC calls for new way forward after Voice outcome

An unsuccessful outcome to the Voice to Parliament referendum is just another challenge that will be faced with dignity, respect and without losing hope, a statement from the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Catholic Council says.

Opinion Refugees

Australia’s ‘inhumane treatment’ of refugees needs urgent attention

Australia urgently needs a parliamentary inquiry into its onshore and offshore immigration detention program, writes St Vincent de Paul Society national president Mark Gaetani. Source: Canberra Times.

Opinion Synod

Synod discussions aim to breathe new life into the Church

The discussions at the Synod of Synodality’s first assembly, and any decisions made after the Synod concludes with a second assembly in 2024, are meant to breathe new life into the Church at every level, writes Perth Archbishop Timothy Costelloe SDB. Source: The eRecord.

Bishops Opinion Synod

Pope promotes ‘safe space’ for Synod participants

Later this week, I will be one of 15 Australians and hundreds of people from around the world heading to Rome for the first assembly of what has become known as the “Synod on Synodality”, writes Sandhurst Bishop Shane Mackinlay. Source: ACBC Media Blog.


Legalisation doesn’t end fight against euthanasia

While the battle to prevent the legalisation of euthanasia may have been lost in all Australian states and likely soon in the territories, it does not mean we can abandon trying to give people reasons not to choose to end their lives, writes Margaret Somerville. Source: Catholic Voice.