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Lent Media Social media

Woe to those who end up in media meat grinder: Papal preacher

The media and social networks can be crueller than wild beasts, the preacher of the papal household has told top Vatican officials and employees. Source: OSV News.

People Social media

Fr Sam goes viral on TikTok

Not too long ago, Fr Sam French deleted his social media accounts and ditched his iPhone. Today, he’s reaching more than one million young people a month with viral videos about the priesthood and the Catholic faith. Source: The Catholic Weekly.

Social media Vatican

Vatican releases guidelines on ‘how to love your neighbour’ on social media

Attention #CatholicTwitter and keyboard warriors: The Vatican has released recommendations for how better to “love your neighbour” on social media. Source: The Tablet.

Europe Social media

Don’t let social media undermine faith, says Irish bishop

A Catholic bishop in Ireland has appealed to young people not to allow the negativity of social media or other people to undermine their faith. Source: The Tablet.