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Bishop Rolando Álvarez with his siblings Manual Antonio and Vilma Álvarez Lagos at La Modelo prison on March 25 (CNA)

A media outlet supportive of Daniel Ortega’s dictatorship in Nicaragua has posted a video of Bishop Rolando Álvarez, the first time he has been seen since he was jailed on February 10. Source: CNA.

In the video, broadcast by El 19 Digital, Bishop Álvarez shares a few comments about how he is doing and is seen sharing a meal with his brother and sister during their visit to the prison.  

The prelate was sentenced on February 10 to 26 years and four months in prison, on charges of being a “traitor to the homeland.” Despite the efforts of relatives to determine where he was being held since his conviction, his whereabouts were unknown until March 25.

When asked about how he is doing by an off-camera interviewer, the bishop of Matagalpa replied: “Thanks be to God I’m well, with a lot of inner strength, with a lot of peace in the Lord and the Most Holy Virgin.”

Commenting on the visit he had with his siblings, Bishop Álvarez said that they “talked, had very tasty food here with a little meal that our friends from the penitentiary system graciously and kindly provided us”.

After thanking the competent authorities and the prison for having received good treatment, Bishop Álvarez joked about his current state. “Do I look good, healthy, and how does my face look?”

Wearing his prisoner’s uniform and visibly thinner, the Nicaraguan bishop also thanked “the Most Holy Virgin because today, the Annunciation of the angel to the Mother so that with her yes the Word would become flesh and dwell among us for our salvation and redemption, because on her day my siblings have been able to come to see me”.


Imprisoned Nicaraguan Bishop Álvarez appears in video posted by dictatorship (By Walter Sanchez Silva, CNA)