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Central America

Nicaraguan dictatorship releases new photos, video of imprisoned bishop  

In response to demands for proof that Bishop Rolando Álvarez is still alive, the Nicaraguan dictatorship’s Ministry of the Interior released new images of the prelate, who was sentenced to 26 years and four months in prison in February, accused of being “a traitor to the homeland”. Source: CNA.

Central America Vatican

Nicaragua releases 12 priests after talks with Vatican

The Nicaraguan dictatorship has released 12 priests it had imprisoned and sent them to the Vatican after an agreement was reached with Church authorities. Source: CNA.

Central America Religious Freedom

Imprisoned Nicaraguan bishop nominated for EU’s top human rights award

Imprisoned Nicaraguan Bishop Rolando Álvarez has been nominated for the European Parliament’s top human rights award, reflecting the international attention the prelate has received for defending religious freedom. Source: NCR Online.

Central America Religious Orders

Nicaraguan Government ‘cancels’ Jesuit society, confiscates assets

The Nicaraguan Government has removed the legal status of the Society of Jesus in the country and said it will confiscate its assets. Source: The Tablet.

Central America

Nicaraguan Government seizes Jesuit-run university

Nicaragua’s Ortega Government has confiscated a prestigious Jesuit-run university, alleging it was a “centre of terrorism”, in the latest in a series of actions by authorities against the Catholic Church and opposition figures. Source: NCR Online.

Central America

Vatican negotiates for release of Nicaraguan bishop

The Vatican is continuing to negotiate with the Nicaraguan Government for the freedom of Bishop Rolando Álvarez. Source: The Tablet.

Central America

Nicaraguan bishop released from prison

Nicaraguan Bishop Rolando Alvarez was released from prison late on Monday, a diplomatic source said, marking a possible turning point in the country’s prolonged crackdown on the Catholic Church. Source: Sight Magazine. 

Central America

Ciborium stolen and Eucharist desecrated in Nicaragua

A parish in Nicaragua held an act of reparation after unknown assailants forced open its tabernacle and stole a ciborium containing consecrated hosts. Source: National Catholic Register.

Central America

Imprisoned Nicaraguan bishop appears in video posted by dictatorship

A media outlet supportive of Daniel Ortega’s dictatorship in Nicaragua has posted a video of Bishop Rolando Álvarez, the first time he has been seen since he was jailed on February 10. Source: CNA.