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Pope Francis with members of the Union of Superiors General in Italy  (Vatican Media)

Pope Francis has met with the Union of Major Superiors in Italy to mark their 70th Chapter and offered them three points of reflection on the important role they play, especially regarding women and synodality. Source: Vatican News.

Choosing three aspects on the theme “On Synodal Path, Women Witnesses of the Risen Lord”, Pope Francis addressed Italy’s Union of Major Superiors, in the Vatican for their 70th Chapter. 

The first aspect, based on their chosen theme, the Pope began, is “women witnesses of the Risen Lord”. The Holy Father explained that the first witnesses of the Lord’s Resurrection were women.

“Those courageous women allowed themselves to be surprised and moved by the power and light of the Risen One and set out to seek him”, said the Pope, adding that they were always fully aware of how important it is to have the Lord alive in our hearts. 

The second aspect the Pope spoke about was tied to them being “on the synodal path”.

In this regard, Pope Francis reminded those present that the presence of Jesus does not close us in on ourselves, but rather “pushes us towards an encounter with others and towards a decision to walk with others”.  This is a synodal mentality and is the main road of the Church, he added.

The third and final aspect the Holy Father addressed was to be “sowers of hope”. He noted that the encounter with the Risen Jesus fills the heart with hope and makes us become “generators of hope” and therefore “proclaiming and bringing God’s salvation to this world of ours, which is often lost, which needs answers that encourage, that give hope, that reinvigorate the journey”. He urged them to continue on that path, before blessing them and entrusting each of them to the Lord and to Mary Most Holy. 


Pope tells Religious Superiors to keep bringing hope to our ‘lost’ world (By Francesca Merlo, Vatican News)