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Inflation still a Budget concern: Albanese

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has further dampened the hopes of those looking for welfare increases in the May Budget, saying it was important that fiscal policy matched monetary policy to see off inflation. Source: Australian Financial Review.

Cost Of Living Welfare

Advocates urge immediate increase to JobSeeker payments

Some of Australia’s lowest income earners are struggling to stay financially afloat as JobSeeker payments fail to keep up with rising living costs, advocates warn. Source: The Australian.

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Sharp rise in Australians moving onto welfare payments

Almost 50,000 people have moved on to JobSeeker and Youth Allowance payments in five months despite historically low unemployment rates, as Treasurer Jim Chalmers warns of labour market weaknesses. Source: The Australian.

Cost Of Living Welfare

Five million Australians to benefit from boost to welfare payments

Recipients of the age and disability support pensions, carers and single parents are among the five million Australians who will receive boosts to their payments this month as indexation is applied to the benefits. Source: The Australian.

Cost Of Living Welfare

Labor announces $14.4m for emergency food relief programs

The Albanese Government has announced $14.4 million for emergency food relief programs nationwide to respond to the growing cost of living crisis. Source: The Guardian. 

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Recipients say JobSeeker payment not enough to live on

A majority of people say they cannot live on the JobSeeker rate, boosting calls for the welfare payment to be increased. Source: SBS News.


Welfare payments for almost two million Australians to increase today 

Millions of Australians will see a boost to their Centrelink payments such as JobSeeker, Age Pension and Youth Allowance from today. Source: ABC News.

Cost Of Living Welfare

Indexation to give financial boost to 5.5 million Australians

Millions of Australians receiving government support will have their payments lifted by as much as $50 a fortnight as a small relief in the cost-of-living crisis. Source: The Australian.


Coalition proposes to lift benefits cut-off instead of $40 JobSeeker increase

The federal Opposition will attempt to reverse a promised $40 increase to JobSeeker, saying it would help more people and save the Government money to raise the eligibility cut-off instead. Source: ABC News.