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The Corpus Christi procession in Brisbane on Sunday (Catholic Leader)

A sea of Catholics witnessed to their faith by walking with the Blessed Sacrament through the streets of Brisbane’s CBD for the feast of Corpus Christi on Sunday. Source: Catholic Leader.

About 4000 Catholics processed through the city, many holding Marian flags and parish banners.

Seminarian Gabriel Guillaume, who was part of the group holding the canopy for the Blessed Sacrament, said it was an “incredible and moving experience seeing everyone worship the Lord as one body”.

“What a beautiful public witness to our faith and our belief in the Real Presence,” he said.

The crowd stretched down the length of almost two city blocks.

After the procession, the crowd gathered at St Stephen’s Cathedral for benediction.

In his homily, Brisbane Archbishop Mark Coleridge recounted the story of the Israelites receiving the Manna from Heaven. 

Manna in Hebrew meant, “What’s that?”, he said.

Celebrating an earlier Mass that day, Archbishop Coleridge recalled how a father and his daughter came up for Holy Communion. The father took communion and his daughter looked up and said, “What’s that?” 

“From the lips of children and of babes … We say, in fact, though we see bread and we see wine, ‘that’ is in fact the Body and Blood of Christ. 

“This is the living presence of the God who takes flesh.”

Archbishop Coleridge said the feast of Corpus Christi was not “just about the extraordinary truth of the Real Presence of Christ in the Blessed Sacrament, that’s wondrous enough, but this feast of Corpus Christi tells us the truth of God, the God who does take flesh – not just once upon a time, but always and everywhere”.


Thousands of Catholics walk in Corpus Christi procession in Brisbane (By Joe Higgins, The Catholic Leader)