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Danny Casey, left, Holy Catholic School Lindfield principal Pauline Dinale, Bishop Anthony Randazzo and Mark Wales at CSBB’s Development Day on Friday (Catholic Schools Broken Bay)

An ambitious plan and strategic direction for Catholic Schools Broken Bay is proving a great success, two-and-a-half years since it was introduced.

CSBB celebrated a significant “halfway” milestone on Friday in its Towards 2025 strategy plan.

In 2021, Broken Bay Bishop Anthony Randazzo and CSBB director Danny Casey set in place the Towards 2025 strategy plan, focusing on a number of key goals: academic growth, quality religious education, building the capability and contribution of staff, and unlocking the potential of all students.

“Not only have we met our targeted timelines but we have excelled in a number of areas,” Mr Casey said.

Towards 2025 was developed in consultation with staff, students, families and clergy, and informed by key feedback and overall learning from research.

“Some areas in which we are ahead of schedule include student learning improvement, collaborative improvement among staff leading to teacher growth, and an improved technical platform to support learning,” Mr Casey said.

“The recent establishment of a CSBB Enterprise Agreement, which is strongly supported by staff, will be an important factor in providing certainty of conditions for current and future staff.

“We are pleased CSBB now has the highest enrolment growth in the state but so importantly we have built a culture of continual improvement where feedback is welcome, and development encouraged.”

More than 200 staff attended a development day on Friday, with another 2500 joining in online. 

The keynote address was given by Australian Army ex-special operations major and author Mark Wales. 

Mr Wales emphasised how three key words provided a platform for him while serving in his often-life-threatening tours of Afghanistan, and also today in his corporate and family life: Mission, Team and Self.

“It may seem unusual, but I think that really resonated with our teachers,” Mr Casey said.

“We also need to be mission-focused to serve our students to the best of our ability and work with supportive teams. Our self-care and personal responsibility will help us all grow and position us to deliver our goals in the second half of Towards 2025.”

Bishop Randazzo said the halfway milestone stands as a testament to the dedication and hard work of all the community in CSBB.


Significant milestone for Broken Bay Schools reimagines Catholic education (Catholic Schools Broken Bay)