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Bishop Ken Howell delivers the homily during the installation Mass yesterday (Supplied)

Bishop Ken Howell was yesterday installed as the seventh Bishop of Toowoomba, inside a full St Patrick’s Cathedral in the Queensland diocese. Source: The Catholic Leader.

A priest in Brisbane for the past four decades, 65-year-old Bishop Howell was officially welcomed to the Toowoomba Diocese, which stretches across the southwest of the state, at a liturgical reception that included some 25 archbishops and bishops and more than 80 clergy.

Civic and community leaders, parish delegates from the diocese and inter-faith representatives were also present.

Former Toowoomba bishops Robert McGuckin and William Morris presented Bishop Howell with the crosier of the first Bishop of Toowoomba, Bishop James Byrne.

A smoking ceremony served as a welcome to Toowoomba’s new bishop, as a procession of priests took place. 

Inside the cathedral, Brisbane Archbishop Mark Coleridge called for the Apostolic Decree to be read and followed with some words of insight about Bishop Howell and his 40 years of service as a priest in Brisbane.

“He leaves the diocese of his birth, baptism, education and ordination … a man who is Brisbane to the core but who must now learn to love another diocese which will surely learn to love him,” Archbishop Coleridge said.

“Ken is a true man of the Church, which is bigger than any diocese. He’s no ideologue or self-promoter. [He is] a good driver in heavy traffic, a believer and, in the end, a human being.”

Bishop Howell told the congregation he was “deeply humbled to be called by Pope Francis to shepherd this local Church”.

“I realise that I have been given a great responsibility to care for the faithful and to engage in the life of the broader community across the diocese,” Bishop Howell said.

He said he didn’t underestimate the “people of faith” in the life of the Toowoomba Diocese.

“Yours has been the story of contributing to the various communities for well over 100 years,” Bishop Howell said.

“For me, now is the time to learn more about your life, and to grow in a deeper appreciation of the great history of times, places and people.”


Bishop Ken Howell installed as Seventh Bishop of Toowoomba (By Mark Bowling, The Catholic Leader)


Bishop Ken Howell welcomed to Toowoomba Diocese with ceremony before packed St Patrick’s Cathedral (The Chronicle)