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Pilgrims from the Archdiocese of Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Diocese of Tapachula, and Diocese of San Cristóbal de las Casas in the Basilica of Guadalupe, May 2022 (Basilica of Guadalupe)

The Mexican Bishops’ Conference has recently presented to the Vatican for its approval a series of indigenous liturgical adaptations for the celebration of Mass for the “original peoples” of the country. Source: CNA.

Cardinal Felipe Arizmendi, promoter of the initiative and one of those in charge of making the presentation to the Vatican, explained that the adaptations have the objective of “advancing the progress of inculturation of the Church in the native peoples and of taking responsibility for the celebration of Holy Mass with some elements of these cultures”.

“It’s not a question of creating a new indigenous rite but of incorporating into the liturgy various ways of relating to God of these peoples and which express the same thing as the Roman rite, but in its cultural form.”

Before the indigenous liturgical adaptations were presented by the Mexican Church to the Holy See, they had been approved during the 114th plenary assembly of the CEM, held on April 17–21. The adaptations were approved by 103 of the 105 voting bishops.

The cardinal said the text was first sent to the Episcopal Commission for Liturgical Pastoral Care in June. 

Cardinal Arizmendi said that “there are certain elements, which have been studied, that can be incorporated into the Holy Mass without harming the eucharistic liturgy.”

He said the Holy See received the project favourably, although no decision has been reached yet.


Mexican bishops submit ‘Indigenous liturgical adaptations’ to the Vatican for approval (CNA)