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Mark Baker and Assumption College principal Liisa Hammond at the Excellence Awards (Toowoomba Catholic Schools)

Toowoomba Catholic Schools has celebrated its outstanding educators and staff at its annual Excellence Awards, which showcase people who model, demonstrate and live excellence in their roles.

This year close to 100 nominations from across the Toowoomba Diocese were received.

“We are privileged to have an outstanding staff who believe in and are committed to inspiring young people to learn and reach their full potential,” said Toowoomba Catholic Schools executive director Pat Coughlan.  

“They work alongside volunteers and support staff to create a system of schools that is united, connected and progressive,” Dr Coughlan said. 

“This year’s recipients consistently bring the best ideas and innovations to their teaching, leadership and educational support.”

“It is through their efforts and influence, that we continue to provide excellent educational experiences, pastoral care and community connections across our 31 schools. ” 

One of the award recipients of the evening was Mark Baker, who was awarded Emerging Leader in the Excellence in Leadership category. 

Mr Baker is a secondary teacher from Assumption College, Warwick, who has achieved improved student learning outcomes and has an unwavering belief in the capacity of every student to gain success in their studies.

This is evidenced by these words of the Year 12 students at Assumption College:

“Mr Baker is the teacher who always puts in 100% no matter the situation, he frequently gives up his free time to help with challenging schoolwork, and is highly involved with the school’s culture.

“He’s had a profound impact on the lives of countless young students, he inspires us all to be better.”


Toowoomba Catholic Schools Excellence Awards – A Passionate and Inspirational Community (Toowoomba Catholic Schools)